Sechelt Dog Approved Parks

Due to regulations, dogs must always be on leash and under control when visiting any parks or trails. Except of course, once inside any designated off leash areas.

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Dog Approved Parks Sechelt

Brookman Park - Off Leash
Burnett Falls Park
Chapman Falls
Creekside Park - Off Leash
Davis Bay Walkway
Friendship Park
Hackett Park
Kinnikinnick Park - Off Leash
Les Way Park
Lynnwood Park - Off Leash 
Mission Point Park
Osborne Park
Picadilly Park
Porpoise Bay Provincial Park
Sandy Hook Park
Sechelt Marsh 
Silverstone Beach Park
Snickett Park
Trail Bay Walkway
Tuwanek Park
Wakefield Park
Walter Burtnick Park
Yew Park

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